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About Our Company

With its manufacturing facilities about an hour north of Charlotte, North Carolina, Automated Solutions is a privately held diversified manufacturing company with product lines primarily in the packaging industry with polyethylene foam rolls, cohesive polyethylene foam wrap, Cro-nel® and Nyvel® cold seal protective packaging products, specialty multi-layer furniture bags that eliminate rub damage in shipping, packaging equipment, and replacement vacuum cutting surfaces. The company's products are sold across the U.S. as well as into Europe, Australia, and Mexico. Some of the company's packaging products are featured in the storage & organization department of The Home Depot.

Automated Solutions was started in 1998 by Bob Campbell and Richard Boyd from a former equipment design and production company. One of the first projects was to manufacture improved cutting surfaces for single-ply cutting machines used to cut fabric and composite materials. This manufacturing process, using a sophisticated and one-of-a-kind laser operation, is still used today, and we remain the only non-OEM manufacture of vacuum cutting surfaces in the U.S. Our company has evolved from a machinery and equipment building shop to a full-fledged manufacturing company.

Sally Robinson joined in 2004 and started working on a product and equipment for a new improved type of packaging primarily for upholstered furniture, our specialty multi-layer furniture bags.

In 2008 we introduced the Wrap-It line of cohesive polyethylene foam protective packaging wrap (cold seal, sticks to itself but not to the product being packaged).

In 2010 we outgrew our initial building in Hickory, North Carolina, and moved to neighboring Caldwell County. Jim Campbell joined us to run the operations for the new location.

2012 saw us taking another step forward in our manufacturing journey when we purchased the Cro-nel® & Nyvel® business from Better Packages. This business was originally started by the Crowell Corporation and DuPont in the 1970s. We moved the manufacturing line from Delaware and took over the operations and sales for this business.

Steve Ellis started with Automated Solutions in 2013 to help us grow our business with focused efforts on sales and manufacturing processes. He saw us expanding our product lines into retail by placing moving bags and cold seal foam in The Home Depot. In 2014 we developed distributor partnerships to grow our furniture bag business across the U.S.

We took another big step in 2015 by purchasing a polyethylene foam extrusion line and installing it in a 100,000 square foot manufacturing space also in Caldwell County.

Now with over 175,000 square feet of manufacturing space under roof in two locations we are continuing to provide high service and quality levels that are unequaled in the industry.

Our future is unlimited -- how can we help you and your business? Let us know here!
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